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I’m tryin’ to comment, here!

I’ve been having trouble posting to certain other blogs for…hm. Well, a while now. They all happen to be Blogger blogs, unfortunately, and even more unfortunately, several of them happen to be people I actually know in real life, people … Continue reading

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Peanut’s Blanket

So, that cold I had/have took a nasty detour into stomach-land, where it had a bit of a vom-fest and things happened to keep me curled up either in the bathroom or on the bed, trying to find the one … Continue reading

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Cute enough to nom

When I first learned I was pregnant with the Podling, I looked at books for knitting things for small humans. Actually, that’s a lie.  When I first learned I was pregnant, I freaked the hell out and ostriched a bit … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s progress.

The first ten minutes of the “AM Yoga” workout went pretty well. Aside from the fact that I used a fleece blanket instead of a yoga mat, and that I didn’t have much stability on the fleece over the carpet … Continue reading

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