Peanut’s Blanket

So, that cold I had/have took a nasty detour into stomach-land, where it had a bit of a vom-fest and things happened to keep me curled up either in the bathroom or on the bed, trying to find the one magical position that would keep my insides inside and maybe make those insides hurt a little less. I’m a big ol’ baby when it comes to anything stomach-related, and that’s on the best of days. The last few days have not been the best of days.

Instead, look at these pretty pictures! Such a nice shot of color in the middle of winter. Don’t they make everything seem less dreary and…well…gray?

Is this a bad time to mention that I actually love winter, and snow, and the cold (well…I like wearing warm clothes and cuddling under blankets and drinking hot beverages, which I suppose isn’t exactly the same as loving the cold)? I especially love the snow. I actually prefer the bleakness of the outdoors most of the time. Its stark contrast makes me appreciate being inside. During the summer, when everything is pretty and green outside, it’s all a horrible lie; it looks comfortable outside, but is instead sweltering death, and I feel trapped by my need for air conditioning.

Already I’m feeling cranky about the fact that winter is nearly over. Let’s look at some more bright colors.

Ah, that’s better.

This particular project is the Peanut’s baby blanket. When I was with Pod, I received one after another tasteful, pastel, neutral baby blanket/onesie/sleeper. I know that a fair portion of that was due to the fact that we (I) opted to not find out the sex of the Podling until the big day, so we got a lot of pale yellow, green, beige and white. Understandable. Also, boring. Frankly, the boy- and girl-centric options weren’t much better; all the same shades of pale pink or powder blue. What excited me (and what excited the baby, as it turns out) were the toys in bright, bold, high-contrast colors. Granted, they were mostly primary colors, and after a while I really wanted to find something that WASN’T in cherry, royal, lemon or grass.

Enter Caron Simply Soft Brites. Full disclosure: I don’t know if the Brites line is carried anymore. I can’t find any wrappers with “Brites” on them, though the big box stores do still carry the Blue Mint, Iris, Watermelon and Lime colors in their regular Simply Soft. I didn’t even purchase the skeins I used. A friend bought a metric butt-ton of skeins to make her sister a blanket for her full-sized bed, and (surprise surprise) had quite a bit left over. Huzzah! Free yarn for me! I do like the natural yarns a lot; I really do. But when it comes to large objects for small humans, especially things that will come into contact with them frequently, machine-washable is a must.

Neon really isn’t one of my favorite ways to showcase colors; I lived through the 80’s. I lived neon. I owned the slap bracelets and spiral perm gelled into a wet look and the 3 pairs of socks at once and pegged jeans. It was not a good time.


If this doesn’t get a baby’s attention, nothing will. I just hope she can sleep…this blanket is as loud as they come.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint, Iris, Watermelon, Mango, Lemonade, Lime
Craft: Crochet
Pattern: None, really – just granny squares with a double-crochet border
Hook: H

Even the cats love it. The yarn is so soft and shiny, and the crochet gives it a structure that the yarn does lack a bit. Makes it squishy. The kitties like squishy. They like to make biscuits on it.

Isosceles does not approve. Of anything. Except you keeping your distance.


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One Response to Peanut’s Blanket

  1. Red says:

    Totally forgot about slap bracelets. Wish I could forget the gelled, wet curls look. Ugh.

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