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I should be cleaning furiously.

Saturday is the Podling’s birthday party. It will be here, and it will probably be rainy and cold, and we have a very small house. I need to figure out how to make more seating magically appear, and figure out … Continue reading

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Peanut butter and awesome

I am making peanut butter and banana crackers for the Podling, because we have no bread made. Cracker, schmear of the ol’ PB, slice of banana, cracker. Repeat. This is how he prefers his PB-banana combo, when there is no … Continue reading

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Slipper Fail

I almost don’t want to show you these. I haven’t had a gauge fail this badly for…um…a long time. So, there’s this pattern for “Animal Slippers” in the back of Easy Kids Knits. One picture, artfully close-up on the embroidery … Continue reading

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The logic, it fails me

The Peanut has discovered her hands will go into her mouth. She does not really understand that sticking her fingers down her throat is her own fault, yet, or that she can stop that horrible scratching sensation on her tonsils … Continue reading

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Three years

Today is the Podling’s third birthday. I am so very glad I did not name him “Phil” or “Punxatawney” or “Groundhog” like the people in the hospital thought was soooo funny. (They didn’t have to live in constant fear that … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s progress.

The first ten minutes of the “AM Yoga” workout went pretty well. Aside from the fact that I used a fleece blanket instead of a yoga mat, and that I didn’t have much stability on the fleece over the carpet … Continue reading

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Big Brother Is…Awwwwwwwwww

It’s not always a bad thing for big brother to be watching over you.

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