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Here is a pattern I’ve made twice now: BaDumBums’ Ruffle Skirted Soaker. It’s fairly easy, a pretty quick knit, and if you want to make one for a boy, just leave off the ruffle. Not that babies aren’t adorbz running … Continue reading

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Slipper Fail

I almost don’t want to show you these. I haven’t had a gauge fail this badly for…um…a long time. So, there’s this pattern for “Animal Slippers” in the back of Easy Kids Knits. One picture, artfully close-up on the embroidery … Continue reading

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Granny Stripe Blanket

My extended family is having something of a population explosion this year. It was only a matter of time, you see, as my siblings, cousins and I have started doing things like growing up and getting married. It’s a little … Continue reading

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I knew that as soon as I got out of the habit of agonizing over posting every day, I’d disappear again. And so I did. At least I know myself, amirite? But I have progress to report! Just…no pics. BUT. … Continue reading

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Peanut’s Blanket

So, that cold I had/have took a nasty detour into stomach-land, where it had a bit of a vom-fest and things happened to keep me curled up either in the bathroom or on the bed, trying to find the one … Continue reading

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Log of color

Another project, another case of Good News, Bad News. The Good News: I finished all 76 medallions! If my math is off, and I’ll be needing more in order for this blanket to be square, let me know now. Please. … Continue reading

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I’m sure it’s delicious

(I realize I’m about to venture into a virtual minefield of controversy, but believe it or not, the point of this little vignette is not actually about breastfeeding itself, or the merits or drawbacks thereof. My choices work for me, … Continue reading

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