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Here we go again

NaNoWriMo started Tuesday. I’m going full-force (which is why I had to stop here and procrastinate for a while first). I’m also getting sick. The kids have been sick for over a week now, so that’s hardly surprising. I hope … Continue reading

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That Answers My Question, Actually

The Peanut sat irritably in her seat, practicing her mind powers on me. I could feel the telepathic messages poking my brainmeats, but wasn’t quite finished with my breakfast, even if she was quite done. I asked the question aloud … Continue reading

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So I married a brony

When I was growing up, I loved me some My Little Ponies. I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbie dolls for quite a long time (old enough to buy Barbies myself, and technically too old to be playing with them … Continue reading

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Big Brother Is…Awwwwwwwwww

It’s not always a bad thing for big brother to be watching over you.

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I’m sure it’s delicious

(I realize I’m about to venture into a virtual minefield of controversy, but believe it or not, the point of this little vignette is not actually about breastfeeding itself, or the merits or drawbacks thereof. My choices work for me, … Continue reading

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