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Isn’t he dream–what’s that scratching noise?

You may not know this, but I live with an absent-minded genius with a near-perfect memory. You may wonder how it is that one could be both absent-minded and have a near-perfect memory. Very easily, would be the quick explanation. … Continue reading

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So I married a brony

When I was growing up, I loved me some My Little Ponies. I wasn’t allowed to play with Barbie dolls for quite a long time (old enough to buy Barbies myself, and technically too old to be playing with them … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here, move along

There might be a way to weave in the ends as you crochet along, but I have not yet found one that I am confident will keep those little ends from working loose and unraveling my carefully-constructed masterpiece of color … Continue reading

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Totally Normal

As I was putting away clean dishes and prepping the electric kettle to make yet another cup of coffee, Nyte came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist when I turned around to fetch the coffee filters and … Continue reading

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