The logic, it fails me

The Peanut has discovered her hands will go into her mouth. She does not really understand that sticking her fingers down her throat is her own fault, yet, or that she can stop that horrible scratching sensation on her tonsils if she’d move that hand out of her mouth. I do not know whether to allow her to keep doing it to herself so that she figures it out, or imprison her hands in mitts again so I don’t have to hear her gagging herself all the time.

The Podling has taken a pillow and blanket and is sleeping underneath the dining room table. I asked him why here, given that he has an inflatable mattress (his practice big-boy-bed) and a pop-up tent in his room which would be quieter and more comfortable. His response: “I just have to sleep under the table.”

Oookay, then.


About crankyfacedknitter

We are a motley collection of cats, cranks, nerds, geeks, hobbyists, humorists, writers, caffeine addicts and one knitter. We have many offspring, but admittedly, most of them are imaginary.
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