Here we go again

NaNoWriMo started Tuesday. I’m going full-force (which is why I had to stop here and procrastinate for a while first).

I’m also getting sick. The kids have been sick for over a week now, so that’s hardly surprising. I hope it’s just a cold.

The Mr. is approaching a deadline, so he has been awfully busy with work last week, over the weekend, and will be busy this week, too. Not the best timing, but at least he isn’t facing a deadline due the day after I’m due to expel a human from my innards. (Note: I am not expecting to expel anything remotely human-like from my innards anytime in the future. This was last year.)

Monday was Halloween, and I have to say that trick-or-treating is WAY better than hiding in one’s basement with one’s cousins, dressing up as Bible characters and playing overtly Christian games and looking for candy in the washing machine.

Did you participate in All Hallow’s Read? We did, sort of. I didn’t go all out and buy books for everyone we know, or leave random spooky books around for people to take, but I did hit the bookstore yesterday after the kids’ well-child appointments (for which they were ironically sick with sniffles) and bought each of us a spooky book. The Peanut got a cardboard book (she is chewing everything) called I’m The Scariest Monster In The Castle, the Podling got There’s Something There, Mr. Nyte Cranky-face got Kwaidan, a book of Japanese ghost stories (with a gashadokuro on the cover, something he appreciated mightily, given our running Scion RPG game), and I got The Dead Zone, seeing as how I’m writing a psychic-based novel for NaNo and recently re-discovered the show on Hulu.

After that, we headed home and got the kids dressed up for trick-or-treating. One of them was delighted, the other annoyed. I’ll leave you to guess which was which.

He has no idea who he's dressed up as.

This costume was chosen for its color.

Guess who's annoyed?

Sick kids don't appreciate dress-up time.

To be fair, Peanut didn’t choose her own costume (not that she really could). The Podling insisted she be a bee, likely because bees are yellow. He chose his own costume based on the fact that it was yellow, a superhero, and the store didn’t have the yellow M&M costume in any form other than a teen mini-dress. I was sure he would have picked a Plex the robot from Yo! Gabba Gabba, but I was clearly wrong. (I was relieved that he decided Wolverine was preferable to “a yellow car with Schubert and Gogger in it” as a costume, Schubert and Gogger being his stuffed frogs.)

Little dude was delighted to go trick-or-treating. It was cold, drizzly and had been raining earlier that day, so I suspect a lot of kids were disappointed and not permitted to go trick-or-treating. By the rate at which people loaded candy into the Podling’s bucket (we had to empty it into the stroller basket at least once, and could easily have done so again and then gone through a few more condo culs-de-sac [thank you, Gilmore Girls, for teaching me the proper pluralization of cul-de-sac] well before the official end of trick-or-treating), there weren’t many kids out and about. Toward the end of the two-hour period, the cold really ratcheted up (down?) and a holiday-appropriate fog rose from the wet, relatively warm ground. Add in a severe lack of street lights in our neighborhood, and I was very glad I’d bought so many glow sticks.

We stopped off at a friend and sort-of-neighbor’s house, knowing he would have other mutual friends over, and warmed ourselves up a bit and indulged in the mountains of leftover candy that nobody had yet claimed. And soda. And pizza (not for me – thanks a lot, sketchy gallbladder). And the end of Casper on tv.

Someone dove into his candy bucket with gusto; you can see a blur on the side of the picture, while somebody else succumbed to a busy day and a warm blanket.

Too cold for bees!

Blur-verine looooooooves candy!

We eventually went home and changed into warm pajamas, made hot tea and I finally got to watch Hocus Pocus, cheesy as it is. While Nyte had the Podling in the bathtub, I took a picture of the light show I had set up in lieu of the pumpkin we never got around to carving.

Nice ghetto garden.

Not bad for baby food jars.

Those would be baby food jars I’ve been fiddling with, trying to turn into votive holders. Glass paint, puffy paint, mod-podge and tissue paper on some…it’s a work in progress. I think it looks rather nice on our ghetto aloe garden (which badly needs a warmer spot and a grow-light), especially at night.

I hope your Halloween was happy, your All Saint’s Day cheerful, and your All Souls’ Day full of spirit.


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