We have the technology

We've been here before. I recognize that tree.

We’ve been here before. I recognize that tree.

This is exactly as far as I was the last time, when I decided that the gauge I was getting was too tight. It was decided for me, really, when I tried to pull the cuff over my hand and felt like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. So I chucked the recommended 2.5mm double-pointed needles and found two 16-inch circulars in a 3.25mm size, took a deep breath, and pulled it all out.

Ripping out that much colorwork is rough; what you can’t see is the inner lining of the cuff, which is hidden underneath the pink section. You knit a plain brown-black stockinette lining, a purl row which designates your fold line, and then the pink and brown-black section. Then you fold it in half at the purl row and knit your cast-on stitches together with the stitches of your next row, effectively sealing it into a nice, thick mitten cuff. After that you switch to the red and start the hand portion.

This is the Lucky Hearts Mittens pattern by Leena Riihelä. The yarn is Riihivilla Aarni in Natural Black, Red, and Pink. I got it in a kit from my husband’s aunt (the same one we stayed with during our transition) for Christmas a year ago, after they took a tour of Scandinavia and visited the shop. I’ve been saving it until I finished some other, more time-sensitive projects, keeping it back for myself like the only jelly donut in the whole box. I’m not entirely finished with all the more time-sensitive projects, but I finished three huge blankets and have one more half-finished, and I think that’s pretty damn good.


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