75 in ’13: The Sea Fairies

Another totally innocent adventure between a young girl and an old man.

Another totally innocent adventure between a young girl and an old man.


For the forty-fourth book in the challenge, I read The Sea Fairies, by L. Frank Baum.

So, being a children’s book, this story was not for me. It’s simplistic, it’s not terribly structured, there isn’t really an over-arching point of the story, the villain is no biggie for 90% of the book, and every minor obstacle is instantly surmounted Because Magic, That’s Why. Nobody has to do anything even remotely strenuous, no one is ever in any danger, and everything is easily explained Because Magic, That’s Why. L. Frank Baum’s strength was world-building, and he does create a very interesting world underneath the sea. He does not, however, bother with character development, plot, pacing, or conflict. The best part of the Oz books have always been, in my opinion, the ability for a kid to learn of them and then imagine themselves doing something else in that world, and forgetting all about the inane, paper-cut-out characters pasted into the setting.

I gave the book 2 out of 5 stars.


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