75 in ’13: Still Life

Can I live there? I want to live there.

Can I live there? I want to live there.


For the fortieth (woo! halfway!) book in the challenge, I read Still Life by Louise Penny, from the Chief Inspector Gamache series, and fell in love.

This is a murder mystery set in rural Québec, in a town called Three Pines. The town looks like it belongs on a post card, the people are weird and quirky and I love them all, and reading about them all together makes me feel so very cozy. It’s the literary equivalent of a cushy window seat with lots of pillows, a roaring fireplace, snow or rain falling gently outside, and a hot cup of your favorite beverage at your elbow; rather quietly squishy-squealy and very, very content.

That said, don’t think for a moment that the mystery itself is dull or plodding. Mysteries tend to take some time to unfold, though, and while normally I find myself tempted to rush through parts in order to find the next clue, I am never in any hurry for Penny’s book to end. Happily, there are quite a number of them in the series (9 and a novella so far, and the 10th is expected this year),  which is good news for us all. I still find myself rationing them out like a particularly good (and hard to acquire) chocolate bar. As of this review (long after reading the first book), I have purchased up to #5 but am trying to read other books in between, despite my terrible track record of delayed gratification.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars, and a few extra hearts and kitty face emoji.


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