Too much red

This winter has been rough. The downside of packing up all your stuff for a couple of weeks is the inevitable realization that you’ve forgotten to leave out something important, and this time for me it was hand coverage. Oh, I got by for a little while by borrowing Mssr. Cranky-Face’s gloves, especially when it was time to shovel the sidewalk and driveway and stairs (again), before the ice really took hold (again) and made everything lethally beautiful (again), but thin fleece gloves three sizes too big are about as abrasive as none at all, if slightly warmer.

So, I rummaged about in a yarn box half-buried in the basement, found a bit of wool (I think it’s wool?) and found a pattern. These are Cruiser mittens, a free pattern by Cailyn Meyer, and pretty easy to follow.

red mittens

Here they are after a bath (and a few weeks of use) and a block, looking pretty much exactly the same as they did beforehand. Whatever wool it is, it looks like Patons Classic Wool and is put up in the same manner, but it’s thicker, denser, scratchier. It’s possible I inherited the yarn from somewhere I can’t remember. It’s possible the yarn is older than I am, honestly. I’m not terribly fond of the yarn; it would make great dish scrubbers, but little else.

I might do the pattern again, with a squishier yarn, smaller needles, and extending that cuff by at least an inch, if not two. I’d recommend it if you’re in need of a quick pair of mittens.


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