75 in ’13: The MacKinnon Curse

What's under me kilt? The inky blackness of despair, obv.

What’s under me kilt? The inky blackness of despair, obv.


For the thirty-fourth book in the challenge, I read The MacKinnon Curse: The Beginning (MacKinnon Curse series) by J.A. Templeton. This is a prequel short story, and a bit of a cheat for the book count, but shut up, you’re not the boss of me. The genres listed for this particular book are in the YA, Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Fantasy area, whatever that might mean to you. To me it meant the model on the cover got the wrong definition of “Gothic” when he came to the photo shoot, choosing the more modern interpretation of the word rather than the Romantic horror novels of the 1800’s, but I still held out hope.

Here’s the thing; I haven’t read the book this prequels. Perhaps that was a mistake. I didn’t find the back story of this dude particularly different or original, and parts of it annoyed me in a bored way. The end of this novella segues into the proper first book, and I found that more interesting by a long shot. I believe the prequel was a Free Friday pick from Barnes & Noble, so I don’t think I actually own the first book. On GoodReads, there is at least one review that advises reading the prequel after reading the first book, for pacing and context, and probably those people are right.

I gave it 2 out of 5 stars. I might revise that rating later, if I ever read the series properly.


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