Day 25 – 30 Days of Knitting meme

 Do you have a knitting book or a place where you keep patterns, ideas, size measurements? Post a picture of it!

I did, when I was first starting out. For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to print off all the patterns I liked from Ha. Haha. Sigh. I didn’t keep track of anything I had already done, however, hence my vague answers toward the beginning of the month. These days, I rely on Ravelry for pretty much everything. Is that bad? It could be bad, if they ever die off. I don’t think that will happen, because they’re the only one of their kind, but still…it makes me a wee bit nervous.

Then again, what am I going to do, print out photos? I only take pictures to put on Ravelry in the first place.

Have an unrelated cat pic.

I die. Every time, I die.

I die. Every time, I die.


About crankyfacedknitter

We are a motley collection of cats, cranks, nerds, geeks, hobbyists, humorists, writers, caffeine addicts and one knitter. We have many offspring, but admittedly, most of them are imaginary.
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