75 in ’13: The Color of Magic

It's color 7a.

I know what color it is.

For the twenty-third book in the challenge, I read The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett, the first book in his Discworld series. A series which has its own sub-series. Multiple sub-series. Serieses? Anyway, there are a bunch of Discworld books, somewhere in the vicinity of 40, at this point.

It’s his first book, and the humor is still developing. It’s a bit awkward and contrived in places, but it improves, I assure you. Sort of. The nature of the humor doesn’t change, so if it’s not to your taste, it may never be.

I gave it four out of five stars, because I dig the puns and the silliness, although I do prefer the books with Death and Susan so far. I’m told the Guards books are awfully entertaining as well, but I haven’t read any of them yet.


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