Welcome to Night Vale

If you aren’t familiar with the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, I strongly suggest you click that there link and check it out. It’s weird and creepy and funny and the fandom that sprang up out of nowhere is producing some beautiful, creepy, wonderful art to go along with it. Tumblr is the best place to look, and read the tags. It’s good stuff. If you don’t do any of that, this next series of images is not going to make one damned bit of sense.

I’ve been a fan of Redshirt Knitting’s blog for a while now, though I rarely (if ever) say anything to her about it, and I always look forward to her Sims Sunday posts. Sometimes funny things happen, sometimes frustrating things happen (thanks a lot, EA), and sometimes it’s just Sims As Usual. Lately, though, she has been sharing the adventures of Quinoa and Alexander, who happen to have an uncanny resemblance to the two main characters of a certain show. There are cuddles exchanged in hot dog costumes. It’s hilarious. Their expressions are at least 70% of my enjoyment.

It is time for me to reveal my semi-guilty secret of the last few weeks. I have made Cecil Baldwin and Carlos The Scientist in Sim form.

Cecil hot tubCecil enjoying their brand-new, much-anticipated hot tub. Yes, he’s in a tux.

They live together as boyfriends. I’m not very good at Sim relationships (or the non-Sim ones, to be perfectly frank), but with the Supernatural expansion pack I have access to things like friendship potions and love charms, and I’m taking full advantage of them. Cecil is a witch, insane, and a very big fan of all things supernatural. Carlos is a werewolf, a scientist, and a skeptic, which makes things awkward when he transforms back into a human and can’t quite figure out what he was doing squatting in the rain stalking a deer with mud all over his striped tank top and inexplicably white pants. It’s a point of contention between them, actually; Cecil’s enthusiasm and Carlos’ scorn.

stu surpriseCecil whips up a batch of Stu Surprise whilst Carlos industriously whacks the fireplace with a wrench in an attempt to make it fireproof. In my experience, that’s a terrible way to do anything useful, but it seems to work on the shower and sinks.


Fireplace maintenanceSuccess! It’s not fireproof, but the fire changes colors now. Close enough.

guess the secret ingredient“What’s the surprise?”
“Surprises are not allowed in Night Vale, according to the Sheriff’s Secret Police. The City Council has asked that all citizens be on the lookout for unexpected surprise activity. Anyone witnessing evidence of surprise activity is encouraged to immediately report such activity to the Sheriff’s Secret Police by hanging a marigold-colored hairnet from the roof of their chicken coops.”

AlakawaitBeing a witch, Cecil frequently has wishes to conjure apples, change them into strange things, and turn people into toads. Here he is attempting to convert a poison apple into…well, anything else, really.

is this thing on“Is this thing even on? Perhaps if I point it directly at my face…”

well hello thereCarlos, for reasons best explained by magic, is utterly smitten with Cecil. He even thinks about him when he’s talking to him.

aww carlos“Is he looking at me? I think he’s looking at me. BE COOL, CARLOS. KEEP IT TOGETHER, BUDDY.”  Aww.

This is completely backwards. I’ll have to see if Cecil can cast the love charm on himself. He seems…less than enthused about this relationship.

scowlyJust look at his reaction to holding hands, which he initiated. That is not the look of a man in love. Or like, either. More of a general tolerance, or at least suspicion.

smittenCarlos doesn’t notice at all. He’s too busy being smitten.

dat smileHe’s just gone, man.



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