Day 15 – 30 Days of Knitting

What was your least favorite pattern and why?

I hated Flore because it required me to count consistently, and at that time (6 months post-partum), doing anything consistently was beyond me. I managed to make one for my cousin’s baby, but the second is sitting upstairs half-finished (and taking up a pair of needles) for no good reason. I know how to write down my numbers, now. (The hat itself is the most adorable thing ever, by the way.)

I had a lot of trouble with Debbie Bliss patterns, specifically the baby ones. Part of that stemmed from the fact that I could never get gauge, largely because Debbie Bliss only uses Debbie Bliss yarns, and those are ridiculously expensive and hand-wash-only, and I’m not making something for a baby that must absolutely be hand-washed unless it’s my own. Even then, I didn’t want to spend the time to make a sweater the kid would wear for 9 months at best, and also spend upwards of $60 for the yarn. So, getting gauge was a problem. Blocking was a problem, too; acrylic does not block nicely, and stockinette curls dreadfully. Bliss’ patterns do frequently have a few rows of seed stitch at the hems and cuffs, but that doesn’t stop the fabric from rolling up into a sausage up to the baby’s neck. The pictures in the book are absolutely beautiful. A Pinterest board’s wet dream.

I don’t really remember any other horrible patterns; there were several instances where I got through one or two repeats of something and discovered the pattern was incorrect somewhere. If I liked it well enough to figure something out, it was usually simple enough to figure out a workaround, or else I wasn’t attached enough to the pattern to email the designer in outrage. Really though, the problem is primarily my memory. It’s crap. I don’t remember the names of patterns very well, and to be frank, the last six years I’ve suffered constant sleep deprivation as well as constant interruptions. It does not make for very good memory retention.


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