Day 14 – 30 Days of Knitting

What’s the worst yarn/fiber that you’ve worked with and why?

Aside from the truly awful, knotty, scratchy, inconsistent acrylics, I have to throw in some categories, here. I can be frantically angry at a yarn for its failure to be what I want it to be, and that’s not fair to the yarn. Much of my “worst” experiences with yarn have been some flavor of that, which muddies the waters a bit. For instance, recently I’ve been trying to make a DK weight linen stand in for what really needs to be an aran-weight wool, and you can probably figure out why thin twiny stuff and thick woolly stuff aren’t generally interchangeable.

SO. Noro Kureyon is frustrating, in that it’s a long-change color-shift wool that frequently has knots, which is irritating in and of itself, but the hair-pulling-out happens when the knots change the color and pattern of the color shift. For a very long time I outright refused to buy Red Heart yarns, but some of their newer stuff isn’t half-bad. I do still have issues with Knitpicks yarns occasionally, but it’s been a while since I’ve ordered anything from them.

As for yarn that I just hated because I thought it sucked, conceptually, there’s the Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair yarn (for its difficulty to work with), and the Yarn Bee Italia (for its colors and slipperiness, not its softness and warmth), and there was this suede-like rainbow ribbon yarn I won in a raffle that tangled the very moment I tried to do anything with it, and said it was sport-weight but was fingering at best, and NOTHING I TRIED TO DO WITH IT WORKED, and I got rid of it as soon as I could. I don’t even know what it was for purposes of bad-mouthing some poor yarn company just trying to fit in with all the cool novelty yarn kids. Let that be a lesson to you, though; if you don’t like novelty yarn, don’t buy it. I made a few muppet (eyelash) scarves back in the day, and never again. Never.

Wait. WAIT. There is one more for the list of shame, if I can remember what it was called. I think it was Yarn Bee Lambie Pie. YES. It was like knitting with shredded stuffed animal pelt; forget about frogging anything, or trying to see your work. It knit up like the lining of Snuggle’s intestinal tract, soft and lofty and snaggy and weirdly greasy and OH GOD IT HAS ME SAVE YOURSELF.



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