75 in ’13: The Woggle-Bug Book and Poirot and the Regatta Mystery

Makes about as much sense inside, too.

There wasn’t even a balloon in the book.

For the seventeenth book in this challenge, I am counting two short stories as one book. The first is The Woggle-Bug Book by L. Frank Baum as a supplement to his Oz series.

This one was bizarre and ridiculous, and I didn’t really find it charming at the time. Somehow the Woggle-Bug has gotten into our world, and people don’t notice he’s a giant elitist beetle, and he makes mistakes and people become angry and in the end all is well that ends well. Odd, and possibly not really for children? I gave it two out of five stars.


I cannot tell you how much better this was.

I cannot tell you how much better this was.

The second short story I read was Hercule Poirot and the Regatta Mystery, by Dame Christie, of course. In this story, a young man requests Poirot’s help in proving that he didn’t steal an enormous diamond at a dinner party. A clever little puzzle for the little grey cells; I gave it four out of five stars.


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