75 in ’13: Ozma of Oz

Where's the what now?

Not actually Australia, although she does sort of start out…you know what, just read it.

For the sixteenth book in this challenge, I read Ozma of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, book three in the Oz series. This one garnered three out of five stars.

Dorothy Gale is in trouble again. This time she’s accompanied not by her perky little terrier, but a chicken of no specific acquaintance who happened to be swept off the boat to Australia at the same time, and saved by the same means. Dorothy does not land in Oz, but the land of Ev, which is just as weird (if not weirder), and our naive heroine feels quite certain she can manage to get to Oz if she just keeps walking. Things happen, we get to see some of her old Oz friends and make some new ones, and pretty much Ozma’s magic trumps everything and can surmount every hurdle, once Dorothy can get to her.

It’s…okay. Dorothy is actually so naive and certain of the rightness of her countrified ways that she actually borders on stubbornly ignorant. Perhaps that was Baum’s attempt at pointing out how ridiculous the adults around her are, with their little proverbs and turns of phrases that kids don’t quite comprehend?


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