Day 8 – 30 Days of Knitting meme

What’s your most challenging project?

Right now, my most challenging projects are simple ones, technically, but they’re marathons. I have chosen to knit three big blankets for friends, and while they are simple garter stitch, the challenge is that they are boring, big, and there are so many of them. As soon as I finish one, I’m already behind on the next. Stamina has always been my biggest challenge; I tire of projects fairly quickly, and in this case I have not been kind to myself.

The most challenging technique has probably been trying to figure out how to crochet amigurumi (or other things) with no teacher. I once crocheted some pot scrubbers from a Japanese pattern; that was quite challenging because of the language difference. Happily, Japanese crochet patterns tend to be pictorial in nature, and once you’ve figured out what the notations mean, you’re golden. They’re so clever! I wish we did that here in the U.S.

The thing with a technical challenge is that it seems a lot harder than it really is when you get down to it. I thought cables were hard because I was over-thinking them. They’re a little fiddly, but conceptually quite easy. Lace can be a challenge, and I’ve knitted several lace shawls, but they’re not nearly as challenging anymore. I have yet to try entrelac, but its time will come.

(Pictured: A mashup of Circle-in-a-Square [no longer available] and Flowers-in-the-Snow patterns. This was a present for my new niece. I call it, very cleverly, Circle Flowers In A Snow Square.)


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