Day 7 – 30 Days of Knitting meme

Your least favorite?

If I really hated it, I didn’t finish it. There are probably a few things I made for Christmas presents or on commission that I wasn’t really “into,” or had made before and the novelty of discovery was long gone, or I put too much pressure on myself to plug away at because of a deadline. I can’t really remember much about them, though.

It is entirely possible that I hate all big projects while I’m making them, but afterward I’m so pleased with it that the annoyance fades into pride. For instance, the giant Wavy Stripy Blanky was a pain in the ass. I used Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair yarn, which is bulky, slippery, heavy, hairy and hot. I used giant needles, it slid and slipped off of them all the time, I wasn’t comfortable reading my knitting yet so there was a lot of counting (which slows things down) multiple times on each row, and the yarn wouldn’t even stay tied to itself, so I wasn’t confident about what would happen when I tried to secure the (many) ends. It went into long time-out several times, which accounts for it taking several years to finish. Now that it’s finished, however, it’s my favorite blanket. The cats love it, too; I can’t bring it out to take a picture without a cat hopping up to smurgle the dang thing.

wsb isosceles kneading 2

The Ginormo-Granny Square was another like the last; a pain to work with, intended for a commission that was canceled. The yarn was similar, Yarn Bee Italia, and completely unsuited for the pattern the non-knitter bought with the yarn. (Pattern was a poncho, written for a thin, solid-color ribbon yarn to make into a generic netting.) The charity event I was knitting it for was canceled, and the person told me to just keep the yarn. I got back at her by crocheting an enormous granny square with this orange-green-red-gold-70’s fuzzy stuff and hated every minute. The only thing that kept me going was imagining the look on her face when she pulled it out of the gift bag at her wedding shower. I was not disappointed. It was all worth it.


There’s a cat under there somewhere.

And yet, of course, this orange monstrosity is warm and fuzzy and cozy, and her cats love the shit out of it. She laughed and laughed, and so did her now-husband (thankfully).

If I had to pick one, however, It would probably be the Baby Granny Stripes blanket. Another crochet project for a cousin’s baby, I was using some donated Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in pastels, during that brief period when Lion Brand discontinued it. I don’t care for pastels, I was a bit burnt out on crochet at that point (I had been doing the granny-square stitch a lot and was bored of it), and while the yarn was okay, it just wasn’t working for me.  Happily, it was a baby blanket, so smaller than normal. I was not sad to send that off.



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