30 Days of Knitting Meme

Day 1: What was your first finished project? 


Podling's Rainbow Scarf

Like this one, only one color and not nearly as attractive.

I’m going to guess that it was a scarf. The very first bit of knitting I did was a Nothing, which I later learned to refer to as a Swatch, and it never did turn into anything useful. Part of the issue was that I’m a perfectionist, part of it was that the friend who taught me to knit actually taught me how to knit through the back loop (and purl backwards to compensate), and the rest I picked up from some dodgy YouTube videos back in Ye Olde 2004. (You would not believe how many old Livejournal posts I had to crawl through to establish this timeline. I’m still guessing, here.)

Back then, of course, I didn’t have a camera. I didn’t have a camera in my phone, because those weren’t A Thing yet (or at least, I couldn’t afford one of the snazzy cellphones with fancy extras that did things other than allow you to make phone calls). Unfortunately for you folks, that means this particular post will be reference-picture-less, and that’s boring, and life is hard.

The reason I’m guessing that my first finished object was a garter-stitch scarf is that for a very long time, I thought that was pretty much the only thing you could do with first projects and garter stitch.  I later learned that you could make garter-stitch dishcloths and garter-stitch hats (knit flat and sewn up the back) and fingerless mitts (knit flat and sewn up the side, leaving a gap for the thumb) in addition to garter stitch scarves, and my family still has evidence of that phase in my knitting career. It was a fuzzy phase, a somewhat scratchy phase, and quite full of donated skeins of Red Heart Super Saver and bulky-weight single-ply skeins of alpaca-blended wool once I discovered a local yarn store near my house.  Cascade Pastaza figured into a lot of things, until I discovered Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky was cheaper and had more colors available (and scratchier, too).

I’ve learned, since then. No worries.


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We are a motley collection of cats, cranks, nerds, geeks, hobbyists, humorists, writers, caffeine addicts and one knitter. We have many offspring, but admittedly, most of them are imaginary.
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