75 in ’13: The Mystery of the Blue Train

A thing is stolen and someone dies! Or the other way 'round.

Theft! Murder! Affairs! Exotic dancers! Jewels! Curses!

For the sixth book in the challenge, I read The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie, part of her Hercule Poirot series. Now, I’ve read quite a few Poirot novels by this point, and after we get into the double digits, it becomes so much harder to explain how one is different from another without giving away half the plot (which I despise in reviews). However, in this book we do get to see a slightly different side of our little Belgian friend. He plays the cop, matchmaker, and a father figure/confidant to Miss Gray. Katherine Gray, who also has the natural ability to attract those who need someone to listen to them, finds herself embroiled in this affair unexpectedly. Quite a shock for a lady who has spent most of her life assisting elderly women of moderate means and traveling in the same respectable (if sedate) circles as they.

Naturally there is a murder, and an unhappy marriage, and lovers and jewels and greed and curses and people in disguise, but that’s practically expected for this genre. I gave it four stars.


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