75 in ’13: Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes



For the fourth book of the challenge, I read Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes, by Maurice Leblanc. This is listed as the second book in the series.

Lupin’s opponent may sound familiar; this is because, after Leblanc used Sherlock Holmes in one of his short stories against a young Lupin, Conan Doyle legally objected. Leblanc changed the name…technically. However, Sholmes’ companion is a dolt who consistently gets himself incapacitated almost immediately and falls for even the most obvious of Lupin’s tricks. Sholmes himself is an outright jackhole; at least in his own story, Holmes has the benefit of being cast in a heroic light, but it is not so for inflexible, proud, unsympathetic Sholmes.

This whole book is less about the capers Lupin gets up to, and more about the myriad ways he trolls Sholmes, dancing in circles around the guy as he tells him to back off and stop investigating. Naturally, Sholmes refuses to just give up, and is thus humiliated and out-maneuvered over and over again. While we are supposed to be sympathetic to Lupin’s attempts to get Sholmes out of the way, all the taunting Lupin does only makes Sholmes all the more determined to catch him.

At least nobody went against a Sicilian, when death was on the line.


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