75 in ’13: Sin and Sacrifice

How could he possibly love me? I'm only perfect in every way!

How could he possibly love me? I’m only perfect in every way!

For book 2, I read Sin and Sacrifice, by Danielle Bourdon. This is book one of her Daughters of Eve series, and I won’t be buying any of the others. I’m having some trouble remembering where, exactly, I acquired this book. I think it was from one of the Free Friday offerings from the Nook community on Facebook, because from the description, I don’t think I would have paid full price without a recommendation.

I gave it three stars, which isn’t terrible, but unless you’re already into this type of story, you could give it a pass. There seemed to be a lot of perfect women and perfect men being all angsty and perfect around each other, and secrets and stereotypes and everyone being perfect in their own special ways, and religious zealotry gone bad, and questionable historical research, and some spy games thrown in there for funsies. Oh, and torture and mutilation. Can’t forget that. Normally I don’t mind all this, but the uber-special-snowflake-ness of the sisters started to wear pretty thin after a while. “Woe is me and my perfect, immortal body that can never know love because lovers ask pesky questions about my health” is only so relatable to those of us who are no longer that close to 21 and don’t recognize the figure in the mirror or never had a figure that wasn’t egg-shaped. And now I’m beginning to think that I need to take it easy on this kind of book and move to a different genre for a while, because this is really getting to me.

Let me think about the two main characters for a moment, and reflect upon the things that set them apart from any other romantic pairing in the paranormal romance (or just romance, for that matter) genre. Um…
Well, he’s kind of…good at everything, and…. Oh! He has brothers! That’s right. Brothers who are just as awesome as he is! And…um…that’s all I can think of at the moment.
Okay, her. Well, she’s…not entirely helpless? I guess? Sort of? Being magical doesn’t count as different in this genre. She has sisters who are all gorgeous but look nothing like her and everyone instinctively loves them because they are precious creatures of love and light.

Yeah, this is not working. He is handsome and fit and James Bond without all the women dripping off of him, but a brotherhood (and actual biological brothers) of guys just like him to back him up. She is beautiful and kind and smart and witty and vulnerable and special, and has a gaggle of sisters just like her to be in distress along with her. SIGH.

I don’t…I can’t even… You know what, it wasn’t a horrible book. I just need a break, I think. Maybe some non-romance, non-speshul-snowflake characters for a change. Nonfiction. Biographies. Military history. This does mean that re-reading the Little House books is out.



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