75 in ’13: Protector

Hello and welcome to a new year’s worth of reading!


I won’t be updating every other day as I have been, because I’m not working from such a backlog now. However, it will be more often than once a week for a while, as I’m making good progress on this year’s challenge of 75 books, and that works out to…mumblemumble…1.5 reviews a week! I’ll work that out on a very scientific, mathematical basis of However I Feel Like Updating, in the grand tradition of bloggers everywhere.

Also in the grand tradition of bloggers, I’ll be cheating now and then to make sure I stay on top of my book count, adding in some more Oz favorites to balance out the cumbersome tomes that are George R.R. Martin’s books. Some of his top out at over 1000 pages, even in the ebook version.

Without further ado, the first book of 2013!

It's a vase. No, two faces. No, a vase. With a knife in it.

It’s a vase. No, two faces. No, a vase. With a knife in it.

The first book of my 75 in ’13 challenge is Protector, by Laurel Dewey. This is the first book in the Jane Perry series of detective/cop dramas/mysteries/thrillers. I gave it five out of five stars, for dealing squarely with touchy subjects, for being a good overall mystery/thriller/detective drama, and for a main character who is so flawed she annoys herself. I can related to that last one. Frankly, that high a rating is pretty good for being one of the free Friday books from Barnes & Noble.

The plot itself isn’t terribly original, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Parts of it are dark and hard to read, as it has some child abuse and sexual abuse in it that both the current victim and the detective are dealing with. I figured out fairly early on what was going on, but in a thriller like this it’s less about who the villain is and more about how the villain will strike, and what will happen, and how the hero will thwart him. Who will be hurt? Who will be shot before the bad guy gets taken down? But then, I like mysteries and thrillers, so perhaps I’m a bit more lenient in my evaluation than others would be.


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