52 in 1 Bonus Book: Furies of Calderon

Don't you hate it when it's raining ghostly people?

Don’t you hate it when it’s raining ghostly people?

For the next bonus book, I read Furies of Calderon, by Jim Butcher. This is the first book in his Codex Alera series, and while it wasn’t quite to the epic level of Martin’s Game of Thrones, not much is. There are inklings of growth potential, though more gradually, and first we are able to enjoy the smaller quest-levels. I tend to prefer the gradual build-up to saving the galaxy, where the consequences of the characters’ actions are perceived only locally, and it isn’t until later that their ripples are fully understood.

The magic system was pretty cool, though. In general I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher, and he has a good knack for world-building. So much of what I loved about the Dresden Files was the humor, though, and this is a more serious, sword-and-sorcery type of series. The writing is solid, though, and I’ll be picking up sequels for sure.

Not a rave review, I know, but a solid three out of five with lots of optimism for the rest of the series.


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