52 in 1 Bonus Book: Succubus Blues

They should have called it, "The Reluctant Succubus." Maybe "The Little Succubus Who Wouldn't"?

For the next bonus book, I read Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. This was one of the Vaginal Fantasy Group picks for December, after November’s zombie-fest. (Which gives you a better idea of just how far behind I am on reviews, eh? IT’S COOL THOUGH. I GOT THIS. Ahem. Moving on.)

It was amusing enough, but I don’t imagine I’ll be spending money on other books in the series. I wouldn’t turn them down if they were offered for free, though. For a book about a succubus, there wasn’t nearly as much smexy-times as I expected. That isn’t a bad thing, simply worth mentioning if you’re in the market for a fluffy vaginal fantasy/paranormal romance/urban fantasy sort of book, but tend to be bored/disgusted by a lot of explicit sex. Main character is perfectly beautiful with a soupcon of the tragic to keep the reader (and all the dudes around her) from thinking her life is too easy because of it. Sidekicks are amusing. Socially awkward writer character is socially awkward, which I found hilarious and fitting (but that’s me).

Most of the story revolves around a poor little succubus who doesn’t want to suck anyone, but kind of has to because her boss says so, and also she kind of needs the energy to survive and all, but of course, given her druthers, she’d leave all those souls alone. I believe for most of the book I was rolling my eyes and playing the World’s Tiniest Violin for her. OH NOES, YOU ARE ETERNALLY GORGEOUS AND PERFECT. LIFE MUST BE SO HARD. EVERYONE LIKES YOU, WAH WAH WAAHHHHH.

That’s all I really can think of to say about this book. It was neither awesome nor awful, and earned a three out of five.


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