52 in 1 Bonus Book: Gabriel’s Ghost

Wow, nice metaphorical sex going on in the cover, there. Ship entering a portal, indeed.

Wow, nice metaphorical sex going on in the cover, there. Ship entering a portal, indeed.

For the next bonus book (I swear I’ll get to this year’s stuff soon!), I read Gabriel’s Ghost, the first book in the Dock Five Universe by Linnea Sinclair. This one got three stars, buuuut….it was still a romance, really. There were spaceships and aliens and monsters that can destroy everything and treachery and really crappy exes popping up at bad times, but I can’t be sure it ever actually passes the Bechtel test.

The hero, Sullivan, is a pain in the ass at best, and at worst he constantly says, “trust me.” I hate that. I HATE THAT. The only people who say “trust me” instead of explaining the situation and allowing you to make your own decision tend to be people who are about to do something really freaking stupid, who are hiding something, or who are pretty damn sure you won’t agree with them. A quick “trust me” and a cocky smile are a sure-fire way to get me to do exactly the opposite of what you’re wanting me to do, so all you folks just waiting for your moment to manipulate me now know exactly how to do it: reverse psychology.

Also complicating matters (slightly) is the fact that I have a good friend we call Sullivan, and every time I saw it (especially when the character was trying to be dashing and sexypants) I did a mental double-take. That’s not the fault of the author, of course, it just lead to a few unexpected laughs during the oh-so-tender sexytimes full of epic space euphemisms and lots of wordless rutting. (“You’re half-asleep? Awesome. Hold still, this will just take a minute.”)

Frankly, I would have liked to read about all these adventures Chasidah had before she was blacklisted and tried for whatever it was she was accused of. The developing chasey-chasey, splashy-splashy relationship between her and Sullivan sound more interesting to me, and would give the events of this book more emotional weight. Or maybe I’m just being too choosy. Am I being too choosy?

Also, I totally saw Sullivan’s “issues” coming. That’s not entirely unexpected, given the clear themes of prejudice going on.

I gave it three out of five stars. It was okay, but I didn’t really jive with the world very well.


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