52 in 1 Bonus Book: My Life as a White Trash Zombie

Something on my face, you say?

Something on my face, you say?

For the next bonus book, I read My Life as a White Trash Zombie, by Diana Rowland. She has three books out in the White Trash Zombie series, though I’ve only read the first. This was one of the Vaginal Fantasy Group books, and not one I expected to enjoy.

I don’t like zombie stories, as a rule. This is probably because I know damn well that if I had to survive a zombie invasion, whether the virus kind or the shamblers rising from graves, I’d be totally and utterly screwed; thus, zombies are actually scary to me. This was a different perspective on zombies, which made it far less scary and more relatable. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever thought of brains as being yummy before, and Rowland managed to make that thought rattle around in my head multiples times.

I also had some apprehension about the inclusion of the “white trash” label. It isn’t my culture, but it is near and dear to the hearts of some of my family members, and dealing with the pearls and warts of another culture is tricky. I don’t want to get into the heart of it here; I’ll just say that I think Rowland handled it pretty well. Obviously there were more warts in this story, but it’s part of the plot.

Speaking of plot, I think it stayed nicely low-key for a first book in a series. There was no over-reaching, here; it was simply figuring out what happened to her, why, and who, and pulling herself out of a destructive cycle. Plenty of material for a book, and also plenty of room to grow in future books. Epic battles are enjoyable to read, but once you’ve started Ragnarok, where do you go from there? No, this was proportionate to the character’s abilities. Well-thought-out. Gross in places. A little creepy, but not scary in the way you generally associate with zombie stories.

I gave it four out of five stars.


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