52 in 1: The Iron Duke

Holy crap, you guys! It’s the last book of my challenge! I managed the whole 52 in a year!


Aaaannnnnd…not done yet. I kind of just kept reading, because…well, why not? Who doesn’t like more books and more posts and more….MORE? Just more of everything? Ain’t this ‘Murica? MORE is a freakin’ birthright, if you believe the advertisements. And so, without further ado, the last review of the challenge! (But not the last in this series. And then I get to start the next!)

Leather jacket and bare chest. I know what that smells like, and it's not attractive at all.

Leather jacket and bare chest. I know what that smells like, and it’s not attractive at all.

For week 52, I read The Iron Duke, by Meljean Brooks. This was a Vaginal Fantasy club book, and I read it without much beyond entertainment and gooshy sexytimes expectations. The book did not let me down in either of those respects, but also managed to be a good representation of the genre as well. There are a number of VF books I enjoyed reading but wouldn’t recommend to someone curious about the genre. I would probably recommend this book to newcomers; it’s steampunk and zombies and crazy semi-robotic animals, iron-plated kraken and megalodon sharks and cats and rail cannons and airships and nanobots. And yes, romance and sexytimes.

Really though, if I’m honest, the “romance” angle in this one wasn’t what drew me to the series. Brooks’ Alpha Male here is exceptionally Alpha, which is not my cup of tea. Not to mention, he suffers from the “no means try harder” school of possessive asshole boyfriends, and the romance between them swings back and forth between rape-y and slightly less rape-y, which isn’t generally a turn-on. (Note: I read the second book in the series later on, and it had a different main couple whose dynamic I liked a LOT better.)

The world-building, however, is really good. I came for the romance, but stayed for the world-building. The nanobots, the Horde, the control issues, the (essentially) zombies, the race issues and the no-nonsense heroine were great, plus airships full of pirates are always cool. Four out of five stars.


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