52 in 1: A Murder Is Announced

Seems like a terrible way to go about not being caught.

Seems like a terrible way to go about not being caught.

For week 51, I read A Murder Is Announced, by Agatha Christie. This is another of Christie’s classic mysteries that turns into a not-so-classic mystery somewhere in the middle-ish bit, while you’re trying to figure out why people are still turning up dead. It’s also one of those where Miss Marple doesn’t even show up until half-way through, and you’ve sat there up until then wondering if the stupid local police are going to utterly bungle this investigation up entirely. Then, as it so often does, the plot thickens.

I can’t say too much about this one without spoiling it, I think. I had seen the tv adaptation first, so I didn’t remember all of it (or why the murderer was murdering), but I remembered who the culprit was as I read it, and now I’m rather wishing I had forgotten. It would have been nice to follow the path of clues and logic along with the author and have it turned unexpectedly on its head, rather than predictably. Alas, the genie cannot be put back in its lamp. However, you can read it quick-like and tell me who you thought the baddie was going to be!


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