52 in 1: The Secret of Chimneys

That is never going to come out.

That is never going to come out.

For week 49, I read The Secret of Chimneys, by Agatha Christie. They’re like chocolates, in that I can’t just eat one. The next thing I know, I’ve bought another handful and I have trouble not consuming them all at once. I gave this one five stars as well.

This story has neither Poirot nor Miss Marple in it, instead introducing Superintendent Battle as the lead detective. We never see from Battle’s point of view, so we never quite know what’s going on in his shrewd mind. More often in this story, we see through some of the younger characters’ eyes, usually Anthony Cade’s or Lady Eileen “Bundle” Brent. These two work in their own energetic, youthful, amateur fashions to try to help solve the crime, sometimes getting in the way of each other and the official investigation, but sometimes helping quite a lot in ways the officers can’t.

It’s a classic closed-room mystery, in a family manor with only so many people present, adding in some political intrigue that has international consequences, some disguises, some mistaken identities, and a whole lot of shuffling about in the dark. Good fun, and the younger crew’s poking fun at the older kept me smirking.


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