52 in 1: The Big Four

Talk about shadow figures.

Talk about shadow figures.

For week 45, I read The Big Four, by Agatha Christie. This is a Poirot mystery, and my first time seeing this very intelligent little man go all crazy conspiracy theorist on us. Not that he’s necessarily wrong…I think. Maybe? It’s a little hazy, you see, and when you’re dealing with something like a world-wide conspiracy controlled by a very small number of extremely rich and influential people, proof is a little hard to come by.

This is a departure from Christie’s typical Poirot novel. It isn’t a closed-room or small village scenario, and it’s more physical than most of the other mysteries Poirot comes across. He has supposedly met his match, but for me it didn’t work as well. It’s hard to have a match to meet when we never even see the guy. For all we know, he doesn’t exist.

Normally I give Christie’s books four or five stars, but this one only got a three.


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