52 in 1: Hammered

Yeah, he'd hit that.

Yeah, he’d hit that.

For week 43, I read Hammered, book three of the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. This book is more serious in tone than the previous two, although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If I thought there were pissing contests in the last book, that was nothing to what’s in this one. It’s a big ol’ case for bromance, with lots of badass dudes teaming up to destroy Jerky McJerkface (Thor) and possibly a whole swath of Asgard in the process, if necessary.

There was more of the apprentice in this one, on her own without a Big Man to protect her, although it doesn’t go very smoothly without one. This is supposed to be her proving her worth, but I kind of have a side-eye directed at the whole setup. Supposedly she was being tested to prove herself worthy to be a druid, but I got the distinct feeling that the two testing her were really trying to figure out if she was good enough to bang Atticus eventually. Maybe I’m projecting it onto the scene; I won’t rule it out.

There are serious consequences for Atticus’ and his compatriots’ actions, though, which is only appropriate. You can’t do what they did and then hop-skip-jump merrily back to Midgard for a few rounds of ale and whores.

Watch for a cameo by Jesus. Funny stuff.


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