52 in 1: Hexed

Drop. Your. Sword.

Drop. Your. Sword.

For week 42, I read Hexed, book two of the Iron Druid Chronicles, by Kevin Hearne. So, here’s the thing I should probably have mentioned before about this series; everything is just a little too easy for Atticus. He heals fairly easily, he’s a fighting badass, and all the ladies he meets pretty much want under his kilt. I had a harder time taking this book seriously, if only because Hearne doesn’t seem to write women characters much past a sketch in a graphic novel. We know what they look like, we know how bodacious their bods are, and we know how easily Atticus can overpower them. Whether witch or ancient goddess, he always gets the best of them, and that starts to get old. Two-bit villains in cartoons have more depth than the witches in this story.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still an entertaining read. I really liked the characterization of Coyote, Oberon continued to think like a dog (mostly), and the apprentice moved up a step from damsel-in-distress to damsel-sidekick, but she never quite lost that waifish aura of needing protection from The Men. The attorneys step in a bit, though first there are political negotiations which I tend to find tedious, and plenty of pissing contests (extremely tedious).

I gave it four out of five, and moved on to the next book.


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