52 in 1: Inkheart

Sometimes bedtime stories are best kept to oneself.

Sometimes bedtime stories are best kept to oneself.

For week 39, I read Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke. I’ll say right away that I gave it five stars out of five. Perhaps this was a reaction to the last book I read, and reflected my deep and abiding relief that there were no passages devoted to the size and shape of anyone’s body parts, or weird metaphors and euphemisms for intercourse.

No, Inkheart is a book closer to YA than adult fiction, and had I read this at the tender age of twelve or thirteen, I would have been utterly enchanted by the idea of reading things out of a book. Wait, let me re-phrase that. I would have been captivated by the idea of pulling characters and items to life by reading aloud. I saw the movie first (not intentionally, and not right beforehand), so I had Brendan Fraser in my mind’s eye when reading about Meggie’s father, and that didn’t hurt one bit. The movie had to cut out quite a lot of details, which generally happens to some degree or another, but in in the book we get to see a lot more of Dustfinger, the villains, the aunt…everyone, really, and understand them all so much better. It might seem a bit twisty at times, but sometimes that’s the way paths are; sometimes that’s a good sign you’re on a good one.

I really recommend this book, even if you’re quite a bit older than a young adult. It’s very imaginative. We need more of that in our lives.


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