52 in 1: A Brewing Storm

For week 27, I need a palate-cleanser after the last heavy book. Something more like a potato chip than a hunk of liver, no matter how nicely-prepared and full of minerals. Bleh, pass the empty calories!

It was a dark and stormy night. A shot rang out. A door slammed. A maid screamed.

I read A Brewing Storm, by Richard Castle.

Right, so, if you don’t watch Castle, the crime drama/police procedural on network television, here’s a spoiler: Richard Castle is a character of a TV show, not an actual person. The actor who plays him (Nathan Fillion) maintains an online presence for him, perpetuating this idea that Castle is real. Or, perhaps Fillion is too busy to do such things and that task has fallen to some studio writer; I don’t know. What I do know is that the powers that be decided to pay a ghost writer to start writing some of Castle’s purported best-sellers.

Now, in the TV show, Castle is basing his series’ main character, Nikki Heat, after the detective Kate Beckett. However, prior to writing this series, he wrote a series about a man named Derek Storm. This book, A Brewing Storm, is about Derek Storm.

It is totally a potato-chip-book. It isn’t very long, it isn’t terribly distinctive, but it does do one thing very, very well, in my opinion. Whoever this ghost writer is, they have managed to capture the voice of Richard Castle. I’m not even sure I can explain it. I’ve watched nearly every episode of the show, and I think I have a fair ear for intonation, word choice, turns of phrases (especially with Rick Castle’s flair for the dramatic and punny), and I heartily congratulate Mr. or Ms. Ghost Writer for their accomplishment. It is precisely what I imagine that character writing.



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