52 in 1: The Moving Finger

I see neither finger nor movement on this cover. PROBLEMATIC.

For week 24, I read The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie. (Do not be shocked when more Agatha Christie novels show up. I’m on a bit of a kick.)

Under the link is Wikipedia’s rather detailed summary, so do be cautious if you don’t want the mystery spoiled for you. While many of Christie’s stories (especially the Miss Marples) focus on life and consequences of society in small village life, this book particularly pokes at the problems of gossip and pettiness, and the very real damage it can do.

I liked this one, but that hardly surprises me. What did surprise me was that Miss Marple didn’t show up until the last fifty or so pages of the book, and even then acted a bit more like a cameo than the lead detective. And yet, being the inconspicuous and “harmless little old lady” that Marple is, it works for her.

Seriously, have you read any Agatha Christie yet? Have you?


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