52 in 1: Side Jobs

For week 17, I read Side Jobs by Jim Butcher.

This is a collection of the many Dresden Files-related short stories and novellas Butcher has written for various anthologies. Not every story is written from Harry’s point of view; we get a novella from Thomas and a short story from Murphy’s point of view, the latter set just after Changes and before Ghost Story (which I haven’t yet read because it’s not out in paperback until the summer).

I mean, what can I say? I love the Dresden Files books, and while not every short story was mind-blowing, it was still enjoyable. Not every story was a hero-against-the-world or epic battle, and I liked that. It’s nice to see the characters having fun, or being miserable because somebody is being a magically massive douche-canoe.

I could gush on about each individual story, but why don’t you just read it yourself and save us both the trouble? I wouldn’t be able to do it justice anyway. Go. Read. I’ll wait.


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