52 in 1: Pure Blood

I'm Strong Enough As I Am, Except For All That Aching Emptiness.

For week 8 I read Pure Blood by Caitlin Kittredge. It’s the second book in the Nocturne City series, even though I was pretty sure when I bought it that it was, in fact, the first. (Maybe the problem here is me, not the publishers. Possibly.) It’s another Strong Paranormal Lady Investigator/Protector Of Le Weak, Not Looking For A Dude But Oh Hey, You’re Conveniently Hot And I Guess I Wouldn’t Kick You Out Of Bed For Biting Me, Except You Just Did type of books, which generally speaking amuses me well enough. Not deep or thought-provoking, unless you’re trying to figure out where these women keep their weapons without anyone noticing that particularly sword-/gun-shaped bulge in their hot pants (answer: katana-space), but the characters tend to be interesting enough, and the heroines feisty and self-destructive enough to keep me turning pages.

The main fault here could likely have been avoided if I hadn’t been the dolt who picked up book two in a series. I wasn’t invested in the main character, who was poking around miserably trying to fix all the crap she raised during the events of the first book, and it came off a bit mopey to me. To be fair, I didn’t see what happened. It’s rather like being annoyed at the guy with the broken leg at work, until you hear how he got that broken leg and realize he’s lucky to be alive, and that he needs new friends who don’t drink or play with fire and slingshots, and that he actually hurt himself falling down the stairs after rescuing a mess of orphans from the upstairs apartment who may not all pull through.


I found the main character to be more than a little abrasive, which is the personality trait Kittredge saddled her with to really bring out the hot temper and bravado that comes with being A.) a female homicide detective and B.) a female werewolf with C.) no pack to back her up against all the others in town. If there were a mess of super-strong dudes running around Columbus trying to prove to each other, themselves and me that my only purpose in this world happened to be on my knees or my back, and had the strength and societal agreement to make that happen pretty much whenever, I guess I’d be pretty testy too. It seems to come up a lot, too. A lot, a lot. It started to get a little old by the end.

I want to mention the number of caricatures, rather than fully-developed characters, that there were, but it’s hard for me to poke at it any further. I mean, come on; it’s a paranormal romance/thriller. I feel like I’m asking a pug to stop slumping and do something about the kink in its tail. Awww, cute wee pug. I pat you on the head. Hah, it wheezes. Adorbz. I can’t be mad at you.

On GoodReads I gave it three stars. I liked it. I might have liked it up to four stars had I read the first book, so that’s my fault. Perfectly fine for an evening or two of amusement.


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