52 in 1: Changes

For Week 7, I read Changes by Jim Butcher. This is book #12 in the Dresden Files series, one of my favorite ongoing series (if not my very favorite. It’s hard to say). I love Butcher’s writing style, I love the irreverence of his character, and somehow none of this takes away from the seriousness of the situation. I think he uses Dresden’s bad jokes and awkward pop-culture references to ostensibly break the tension, but because they fall flat among the character’s audience, the book’s audience gets a giggle, and then the more or less realistic (depending on the situation) Big Bad drops the pain, and we feel for Dresden. He’s a freakin’ wizard, yes, but he’s a nerd and a sci-fi geek, which makes him accessible. Or maybe he’s accessible to me because I am a geek who tends to make bad jokes and find herself in awkward situations. You decide.

This book is kind of a big deal in the series. There’s a reason it’s titled Changes. I highly recommend this series. Highly. Love it. As soon as I finished this book (which I have been putting off for some time, because I wanted to savor it and knew that the next one would be a while coming to paperback), I went and ordered Side Jobs, Mean Streets, and pre-ordered the paperback version of Ghost Story (#13), which won’t be out until August. I suppose I didn’t need to get Mean Streets, an anthology whose story is actually in Side Jobs with all the other (nearly all) short stories Butcher had published in anthologies like this, but…oh well. That’s what happens when you don’t research ahead of time.


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