NaNoWriMo 2011 Results


I finished my novel the night before (technically the last day, but I hadn’t been to sleep yet so I count it as 11/29) with a hundred or so words to spare, just in case Open Office decided to do something funny with the word count. I couldn’t risk it after the Curly Quotes debacle that cost me over two hundred words, and that was after only a few days in. Can you imagine all the non-existent progress I would have lost and suffered through had I gone blithely on for a full thirty days? There would have been a heart attack. First me, then everyone associated with Open Office after I send my legal ninjas to do what ninjas do best, then me again.

I finished it, validated my novel, updated Facebook (it’s not official unless it’s on le Facebook), and had absolutely no idea what to do next. So I went to bed. It was nearly 2am by that point; it seemed prudent, considering the 30th was a Wednesday and the rest of the world would be irritatingly unaware of my amazing achievement and the day of rest and celebration that was in order, and I’d have to be a Mom all day. You know, feeding and watering of small children and not allowing them to murder themselves, though they seem quite keen on doing just that.

The next day, I had the compulsion to write. I didn’t even know exactly where the story was going, but the point of it had been to finish the damn thing and have a completed story, for the first time ever. There were word-building scenes (i.e., completely genre-inappropriate sex scenes) that would definitely have to be cut, a number of smaller plot-thickening scenes to be fleshed out, and I was nowhere near the end of my book when I reached 50k.

I thought about where I wanted to go. I thought about how I wanted to handle it. Going at the rate I was, it would be another 50k before the first draft was even close to completion. I knew I couldn’t handle a second NaNo right after this first one, and that was strongly seconded by poor Mr. Cranky-Face, and the sorry state of my house. The novel needed to be finished, and I had run out of time.

So, while the Mr. put the kids in the bath and to bed, I sat and pounded out a detailed outline. 3,500 words later, I went to bed.

I have no idea if I’ll get to writing out the proper ending. (I call it an ending, but it’s really the second half of the book.) I hope to do so, because despite going into it with the Solemnest Of Vows to make it silly and just go for the word count, I find I rather like the concept. I rather like some of the characters. It fits into the alternate world I created, as a standalone or as a series of its own. There is potential, and I am nothing if not appreciative of potential. It’s the execution wherein I am perpetually lacking.


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