Reading Shawl

I like this shawl. I like this pattern. I like the yarn I used, too. The color does wash me out a bit, but when worn while one putters around the house, who’s to care? If I’m feeling a little too green, I can slap on a bit of lipstick before retiring to the davenport for tea and cucumber sandwiches. You know, like you do.

The pattern is Danielle Landes’ Reading Shawl or, The Stay-Put Shawl. Accurately named, unless one (possibly me) decides to use very slippery fibers like alpaca and silk.

Did you know alpaca is warm? It is.

The shaping is a much-needed element, I think. There are a number of lovely small shawls, but I never know what to do with them once they’re knitted up. In order to drape the sides properly over my shoulders, it bunches up at the back of the neck and I spend the whole time fussing and fiddling with it, and end up wearing it like a scarf. Or worse, I end up draping it awkwardly over one shoulder and trying to pin it to the other shoulder, which doesn’t actually do much for heat retention, but does a lot for making me feel like I’m not allowed to lift my arms.

Did you know silk is warm? It is.

The yarn is (apparently) made by Plymouth Yarn, but seems to be discontinued. It’s Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham, in color name 1042. Such poets, those color-namers at Plymouth. 80% baby alpaca, 20% silk, it’s a well-plied but still squishy yarn. I loved working with it, but if you get your hands on some, remember that neither alpaca nor silk are known for their elasticity. There are a few snagged spots on my shawl that I can’t seem to work out, as a result. (I’d like to blame the cats, but I did tote it around in my purse/bag for quite some time. It could be all my fault.) The color is somewhere between seafoam (blueish green) and robin’s egg (greenish blue). A difficult hue to capture, apparently.

Did you know if you put alpaca and silk together, it's super warm? It is.

If I were thinner, I could wrap these long tails across my chest and tie them behind me, like the ladies back in Ye Oldden Dayes. I’m considering doing another in a heavier weight yarn, but still doing the larger size. It’s a lot of garter stitch, but sometimes that’s what you need, you know? Good TV knitting. These days, it’s good Hulu knitting for me. Much more interesting stuff there, and I can pause it.

Aaaaaannnnnd the obligatory cat shot.

Obligatory cat photo. Isosceles is looking a little shaggy, a quite fat. Not nearly as fat as she looks when she sprawls on the floor and tucks her legs underneath herself. All her chubberness spills out the sides and she looks like a great big goose with a cat’s head.

I'm totally digging this shawl shape, too. It stays on! Or...well, it would, if it wasn't made of alpaca and silk. Did you know they are slippery?

I can’t wait to finish another shawl…so I can start another shawl. You know what I mean, knitters.


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