I’m coming down with a cold. The Podling is still well in his, so I have several days of misery to look forward to. Doubtless the rest of the family is not far behind, so pretty soon there will be knee-high drifts of crumpled, discarded tissues inside the apartment.

I had hoped to take the Podling to a train museum and play area on Saturday, but now I don’t know if that will be possible. I guess I should just be happy that today, I didn’t eat a single piece of cake. (Neither did the Podling; he didn’t even ask for any, which should tell you how he feels.) I didn’t even want it. I was too busy changing things and concentrating on doing things that needed to be done. I was happy to wash the dishes, sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom, and de-mold every window in the apartment. (Ugh…you don’t want to know.) Clean house = good mommy/wife = good person. I’m going to try not to think about the fact that tomorrow, instead of continuing this very good, productive, healthy trend, I’ll probably spend most of the day in and out of bed taking care of myself and my sick babies.

Concentrate on the positive, self. I DO have the energy to make my house clean, safe and attractive. I CAN do that and still have time for myself. And yes, maybe I did have a cheeseburger with bacon and onion straws and barbeque sauce on it tonight, but you know what? I probably won’t be eating much of anything for the next couple of days, so it all balances out, right?


Now I’m off to scare the baby every time I sneeze, cough, or blow my nose. Cheers!


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We are a motley collection of cats, cranks, nerds, geeks, hobbyists, humorists, writers, caffeine addicts and one knitter. We have many offspring, but admittedly, most of them are imaginary.
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