Stuffs And Things – Sims Movie, Sparklies, Sciencey Love

I love the Sims. I haven’t played the game for a long time, because I get obsessive about controlling every aspect of their little digital lives. (“Kiss that stranger!  Now slap him in the face!  Run around in a circle until you fall over with exhaustion! AHAHAHAHA I AM A GOD!”)  I’m also not a fan of horror movies. The gore, the suspense…it stays with me for the rest of my life and next thing you know I’m lying awake at night trying to decide which way to place the fistful of knitting needles under my pillow for optimum nightly-intruder-stabbing purposes.  Seeing as the Podling wanders into our room and tries to crawl into our bed on a fairly regular basis, this is dangerous.

That said, I would totally go see this movie:


I like sparklies. Do you like sparklies? Of course you do.  I used to think that getting jewelry with your loved ones’ (specifically, your children) names on them was…well, a bit on the saccharine side, and certainly not for me.  But these designs are classy, a bit edgy, and though awfully sentimental, not too twee or cloying.  (Unlike just about anything with pastel porcelain roses, teardrop-eyed children and animals, or angel wings.)

I am totally digging this necklace even for myself.  The pearl is lovely and understated, and I really like the nesting of the name tags.  They’re not too dog-tag-like, although some of the other designs can give that to you if that’s what you’re after.  I normally would gravitate toward the birthstones, and while the Podling’s isn’t so bad (purple), the Peanut’s is brown.  Even adding my own (gray-purple) and Nyte’s (lime) doesn’t help, it looks like a cluster of the saddest, most drab sparklies one could find.  I’d have to go with the pearl.  (You know, June’s precious birthstone is actually a pearl, which I much prefer to the alexandrite. Oh well.)

In other news, these science-themed valentines are exactly what I should give to my Nyte.  He is of a geeky persuasion, and I think he would find them amusing.  Did I ever tell you that one year, after having some heart-related work done, I knitted him an anatomically-correct heart?  I totally did. I should get pictures for Ravelry, if nothing else.  You wouldn’t believe what people thought I was knitting instead of a vena cava, especially at work.  Scandalous!


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