Birds of a feather eat gooey butter cake together

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. A lot of blogs. When I have a moment (or when I can get away with sitting still because I’m holding the baby in one arm), I read these blogs. You know, like nearly everyone who spends too much time on the internet. And, like most people, I subscribe to the blogs that talk about things that interest me. It never really occurred to me that there might be a reason why I can’t think of anything but knitting and eating.

I have been trying to be healthier lately; paying attention to my weight instead of ignoring it, steering clear of all the delicious fast foods, avoiding the sugars and processed carbs, making an effort to get up and move, that sort of thing. Instead, I find myself watching more Food Network, drooling over blog entries with gooey, sugary recipes, and lingering in the baking goods aisle at the grocery store. (I’ve been trying to find time to make Gingerbread Caramels for a week now. It seems just a wee bit gluttonous to have a big batch of chocolate-walnut-mint cookies AND a big batch of candy, but someone doesn’t like mint with his chocolate, so I’m having to eat these cookies almost by myself.) I didn’t think I was spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about food. I think about food all the time. Doesn’t everyone?

The fifth time in an evening I called Nyte over to look at a lovely new fattening or sugary recipe I’d found, he looked at me with a slight frown and said, “Should you be looking at this stuff?”

Highly offended, I nearly responded with “Your MOM should be looking at this stuff!” which is the very mature response we throw at each other when we don’t have a good argument. (E.g., “Can you take out the trash?” “Your MOM takes out the trash!” “Did you eat the last piece of pizza?” “Your MOM eats the last piece of pizza!” We are excellent communicators.)

Instead, I grudgingly agreed with him, and closed the tab before I took too much note of the necessary ingredients and they accidentally fell into my cart the next time I went shopping. After musing about it, I took a look at the blogs I read all the time, and this is what I saw:

– Food
– Knitting
– Cooking
– Humor
– More Food
– Parenting Humor
– Awesome Delicious Baked Goods Disguised As Humor

There might be a trend there. I’ll have to have Nyte do a proper mathematical breakdown to get percentages and what-not, but there might be a slight preference for food-related blogs. Maybe.

Logically, if I want to live healthily, I should surround myself with healthy things. Read about living well and treating one’s body with care. Maybe de-emphasize the blogs that focus on gooey butter cake……….a little.

Trouble is, I have no idea where to find such things. Do you have any recommendations? What inspires you to be better?


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We are a motley collection of cats, cranks, nerds, geeks, hobbyists, humorists, writers, caffeine addicts and one knitter. We have many offspring, but admittedly, most of them are imaginary.
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4 Responses to Birds of a feather eat gooey butter cake together

  1. I’ve been on Weight Watchers since last March, so usually when I want healthy inspiration I go on the WW site. Not sure what they have for non-subscribers, but maybe there’s something interesting there. Also, is pretty good. As an alternative, you could still look at the yummy gooey foodie recipes and look for ways to alter them to make them lower in fat (subbing applesauce for half the oil or butter, and things like that). I like that last idea the best. Then you can let me know how well they work. 😉

    • You know, I have been thinking about WW. Ever since they re-did their points program, I have been thinking more and more about that possibility. It’s the guidance and structure I need; I know how to freaking diet, I just don’t do it because thinking too much is hard, and change requires thinking differently. I didn’t think Nyte would spring for the membership, but he just caught me looking at the site and said that if I was serious about it, he would totally be fine with the membership fee. So…I don’t know. I might be giving that a try.

  2. Katattack says:

    It’s the cold weather I think. A snowed-in day off finds itself filled with movies, snacking and more snacking. Oh, and cuddling with my kiki

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