It’s not all white

In my last post regarding the log of color, I believe I referred to a problem with the white yarn.  Here, my friends, is a preview of what the blanket should eventually look like.  Colorful circles inside white squares.  (Pattern available here and also here.) A veritable orgy of colors. Although, I probably won’t use the word “orgy” when describing the blanket to the parents of the recipient. Parents of new babies are a little weird about that sort of thing, no matter how the baby in question was actually conceived.  Maybe it’s just my family.

Here,  you can see about how far I got before I came to the very sad realization that the skein I was working from was not going to last as long as needed.  Even worse, there was no way I was going to find the same kind of yarn, not unless I was prepared to stalk eBay for estate sales.

Two were so young. Sally forth into that endless night with courage.

There are another five squares to the right of the camera, there. I didn’t include them because you might have caught a glimpse of the mess that was (still is) my bed.  Or the very sad state of my toenails (since remedied with a lovely red so dark it’s nearly black).  Or even more of Isosceles. I guess catching a glimpse of more Isosceles isn’t such a bad thing; she may be a pudge, but she’s a cute pudge.  Cute from afar. A little prone to pointy expressions of displeasure close up.

I decided to be a responsible, adulty-type knitter and knit a proper swatch of the yarn I eventually chose to replace the random ancient yarn.  I figured it would be okay, since it was, in fact, the same brand and make of yarn.  In this case,  a swatch consisted of just making a square, because…well, obviously.  On the left, the Caron. On the right, the random yarn.  Totally different.

Left side, Caron SS. Right side, random Bernat. Totally different, right?

Well, sort of.  Granted, the random yarn was a proper worsted weight and the Caron a little shy of that, but as for wonky roundness, it didn’t flatten out as much as I’d hoped.  Once they’re attached, it’s supposed to all work out, and now that I have a few rows completed I’m optimistic about that prospect.

The main difference is that Caron SS is very shiny.  Having it all the same certainly makes me feel better, as does the fact that I now have two very large skeins of the stuff.  It’s necessary too; I’m working on row five of nine, and the first skein of white probably won’t last to the end of the row.

All in all, I’m pleased.  I’m especially pleased that I weaved in all the ends of the medallions before squaring them off.  Goodness knows I’ll have enough ends of the white to weave in when I’m done…yeesh.  If anyone knows of a good tutorial for securely weaving in ends as you crochet along, please hook me up.  I need it.


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