Log of color

Another project, another case of Good News, Bad News.

The Good News:

Yeah. It's tall.

I finished all 76 medallions! If my math is off, and I’ll be needing more in order for this blanket to be square, let me know now. Please.

See, I skewered them through the middle with a 12-inch long, size 3 aluminum straight needle. Then I got another one and skewered the rest of them, and shoved it unceremoniously onto the first. It’s very log-like. I felt well-armed when marching around the apartment looking for a place to photograph it, seeing as the sun had already gone down (it was after 5pm) and I wanted to start squaring them off with white. Like, if someone decided to break down our flimsy little door off of its badly-rusting hinges (badly enough to be dripping rusty condensation on my carpet), I could fling them like yarny batarangs at the intruder and drive him or her away with distinguishing neon wounds for later identification.

Hello, Roi and Reine Laver!  All hail the monarchs of laundry machines!

That intruder would be screwed. His/her face would glow in the freaking DARK.

Anyway. The good news is that I finished all those medallions. I even nearly got through two whole rows of squaring each one off in a row of white and joining them together!

The Bad News: After almost two whole rows, I realized that the skein of random yarn from my closet that I thought was huge and totally sufficient for the task, was already halfway gone. I wasn’t anywhere near the halfway point for the white yarn.

The Worse News: When I looked at the label to see if I might have more, I realized that it was a skein from the box of yarn my mother-in-law gave me. A box she found in her mother’s attic, containing yarn from her mother’s stash…and her grandmother’s stash. I know because the label excitedly extols the awesomeness of this new washable woolen material, called “Nylon.” Oh yeah. It’s old, baby.

I’m not finding another couple of skeins of that on Ravelry, folks. Even if I could, I don’t think I want to. The yarn weight is a standard worsted, whereas Caron Simply Soft, though advertised as worsted, tends to actually work up at a light worsted gauge for me. As a result, the white border was a little wonkier than I wanted. Maybe a wee bit on the puffy side? Not nearly as shiny and soft as the Caron.

So, after leaving the liquor store, I went to the local craft store and picked up two big ol’ skeins of Caron in white. Screw it, I’ll at least be consistent. (And then I also got a skein of Blue Mint and Iris, the blue and purple colors that are my favorite in this blanket. I might use them for some cute pinafore dresses, or a pair of pants for the little one.)

It was a wrench to tear out all that work, but better to figure it out two rows in rather than five rows in. After a whole day of work, I’m back to where I was before I started ripping things out. At last.

Isosceles just wants me to stop moving my legs and just function as her personal heater.

Her majesty is not amused. She is also asleep.


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We are a motley collection of cats, cranks, nerds, geeks, hobbyists, humorists, writers, caffeine addicts and one knitter. We have many offspring, but admittedly, most of them are imaginary.
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